Complete Strategy Guide To Build Your Dreams Fast In Simcity Buildit

Building a city may not be a problem for you but maintaining a high happiness index in Simcity Buildit can be if you do not know the proper way to approach. If you do not have a set plan and goal to achieve then you may feel mad at times to find that you need a building but do not have the required resources in hand. As there are different tasks and challenges to complete and different secondary goals to achieve, you must have a strategic plan of approach towards the game. Remember patience and concentration is the key to success if you want to become a good mayor of a city.

It is essential that you keep all the buildings working and occupied at all times to play Simcity Buildit and progress with the game. Irrespective of the factories or the stores you must keep them all running at all times. It is the factory in your city which will produce the primary goods that are required for building and upgrading. Whereas, all the other advanced buildings will help you to turn them to rarer materials which will help you to upgrade the residences in order to improve your city. Keeping the assembly line running will enable you to be ready with exigencies and never fall short of required materials.

While you do this you must also keep a watchful eye on the service buildings and the requirements of your citizens. Building new residences may not be a problem for you as you have the required materials always in your hand but it is also equally essential to cover them with service houses so that your city really thrives. You will have to tap on the build menu to see the requirement of any services and then browse further to find out about the type of service. Your prime objective in Simcity Buildit should be in keeping the capacity higher than the demand of your citizens.

Look out for the deals from time to time to get the materials for upgrading. There are many icons of coins which appear randomly in Simcity Buildit on your screen above some buildings and if you tap them you can get wonderful deals and simoleons. Tap all these icons as soon as they appear to generate more simoleons. You must also look out for bubbles appearing randomly on top of the residences to get required materials to upgrade your buildings, like the city storage which is a vital structure.

Keep your city clean and green to increase the happiness index of the citizens. Place the buildings in proper spots to have maximum benefit, and keep the polluting and ugly looking structures far away from the residential area. As your primary goal is to expand your city and the population, keep them happy to collect more revenue from the city hall, you must spend your simcash wisely to get the desired result. Use the various tricks to generate unlimited number of simcity buildit free cash apart from the other usual methods like selling your surplus produce in the trade depot and see your dream city take its shape fast.

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