Marvel contest of champions tips for better gameplay online

Tips and Tricks for Playing Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is a game that involves all the Marvel heroes and villains in one screen. You will be able to battle to your heart’s contest with the villain of your choice and your character will also be provided with special powers. Below mentioned some marvel coc tips for better gameplay.

marvel coc tricks

Tips and Tricks to Playing the Game

  • There is a special meter which is located at the bottom of the screen which will start to fill up as you take damage. In general, your champions will have many special moves that you they will be able to use during the game. However, for using the second one, the meter needs to be filled two times and for using the third one it has to be filled three times. Be careful while hitting the button as it will result in you losing your meter if your meter is not full and has not changed colour. If you are not willing to wait for the next special, make it a point to use your Special as quickly as possible. Because, it will lessen your wait period for the next use of the power as your meter will start refilling once you use it.
  • Catalysts, ISO-8 and Gold will work hand in hand to improve your Champions. To gain a level, you need a specific amount of ISO-8 and to infuse it into your character, gold is required. Once you hit the maximum level, you can make use of the catalyst to boost the rank of the character. However, if you have already maxed out, it is not possible to use the catalyst.
  • If you have unwanted Champions, you can always sell them for gold, though it is not a compulsion to do so. However, it is quite easy to get Gold and is as simple as moving around when playing a quest. Due to the class system, you will also need a variety of viable fighters to fight your battle. There are certain quests which require only limited classes of enemies and when you are given the option to tailor a team, it gives you a wider opportunity. Lastly, when you have more Champions you can play the PvP arena matches with a waiting period of two hours before using the Champion again.
  • It is not possible to get a specific hero when you want. In fact, the heroes are chosen by roulette and it is not possible to predict them. Hence you will have to keep grinding in order to get your favourite Champion.
  • If you think that your team is quite weak, then you can always choose to replay the quest and continue to progress. When you complete all routes in a map, you will be able to earn more bonus rewards.

You can also use marvel contest of champions tricks to play the game in a better manner with more gold. If you are a fan of the Marvel Comic, then this game is definitely for you!